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カメラマン、フォトグラファー、スナップ、撮影、ポートレート, photographer, japan

Welcome to the!


“What is a Photostrana?” – one may wonder…


PhotOstrAna – is an acronym, a shortened form of the web site’s owner’s occupation and name – Photographer Ostrovskaya Anastasiya.


Also in Russian “photostrana” means “a land of photography”, a land I hope to create here with you.


Now let me tell you about me.


My name is Ostrovskaya Anastasiya, and I am a Russian photographer living in Japan, Toyama prefecture, Toyama city.


I’ve been practicing photography for as long as I remember myself – I inherited this passion from my father.


But only a few years ago it finally became possible to turn a lifelong passion into profession. It has been a challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always incredibly interesting and revealing efficient journey. I grow professionally after every single session.


While I am still learning (there’s no limit to perfection), I am ready to offer my service of creating lasting memories!


What do I love about photography?


It gives me a chance to look through the lens and see not only people’s faces, but also their soul, their true self, the good and the bad in them, and ultimately – how beautiful they are.


And when I see it, I want to share it with the rest of the world and first of all – with the subjects themselves.


If you are interested in creating beautiful photo/video shoots that will always make you smile and become an important part of your very special family photo album – please contact me, and I’ll do my best as your photographer.

Photographer Ostrovskaya Anastasiya 
Phone: 090-8094-2579 

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